"Every classroom is like a theatrical play for every child."

Where every child can express speech, drama and creativity.

Collaborative Classroom Environment

Transforming your classroom into a collaborative, creative space has never been simpler.
With Me Books, both teachers and students can create stories together, organise a full-cast production, and even make storytelling props as a whole class.​

With the greatest children's content from around the world.

A handpicked selection of over 300 titles from the very best publishers in the world.


United States


Guided and grade-separated international children's books to support literacy development

Most of Me Books children's content support up to CEFR B2 or Lexile up to 300L.

1. What is the Common European Framework (CEFR)?

The Common European Framework is a common reference for describing language learning, teaching and assessment.


2. Why is the CEFR needed? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the CEFR?

It is difficult to compare levels between learners of different languages, therefore the CEFR is needed to provide teaches and learners with a reference which specifies what learners able to do at certain levels and provide “can do “ statements.

How to use Me Books App in Classroom?

Activities with

• During Storytelling

• Read-aloud Drama

• Post Storytelling

Art & Craft Session

Expressive Corner

Shadow Play

Patching with Decopatch*

• Students Achievements and Rewards

During Storytelling
Engaging students with creative play and questions involve participation throughout the process.
Breakdown into a few groups. 
Together, you and your students can play an assortment of characters. Recount tales with gusto. Or compose an orchestra of sounds within the story world.
Read-aloud Drama
Post Storytelling
Art & craft session after storytelling helps young children learn to think and express their very own imagination for the story, characters or world.
- Classroom Progress Chart
- Individual Student Sticker Book
- Rewards Stickers
Students Achievements & Rewards
Rewards Stickers for students / classroom
Me Books Education Bundles
Available to current and newly pre-schools, kindergartens, primary school students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels.*

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